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The Most Wonderful Time of Year

I hope all of my readers have had a wonderful Christmas season.  My usual posts will return on January 1 once I return from a short trip to celebrate my 20th anniversary with Mrs. Geographist.  Here's wishing you all a tremendous 2023 as the new year is fast approaching - may it be your best yet and the worst from here on out!

Founding Fathers - Samuel Chase

Samuel Chase Born: April 17, 1741 (Princess Anne, MD) Died: June 19, 1811 (Baltimore, MD) This week we will introduce ourselves to Samuel Chase, a native resident and representative of Maryland, who had a colorful and perhaps checkered life.  Born just outside of the town of Princess Anne, Samuel's parents had been married for just over a year when he was born.  His father, Thomas, had studied medicine at Cambridge before choosing the Anglican priesthood for his vocation, but he was nevertheless unable to save his wife, Matilda, who died during childbirth.  Samuel was raised and educated by his father, and by the age of 18 had moved to Baltimore to study law.  Despite an apprenticeship with a law firm, his financial resources were limited even as he began to gain acceptance in social circles.  He was admitted to the bar in 1761, married his wife Anne in 1762, had his first daughter in 1763, and was elected to Maryland's General Assembly in 1764 at the age of 23.  As a young att

Founding Fathers - Carter Braxton

Carter Braxton Born: September 10, 1736 (King and Queen County, VA) Died: October 10, 1797 (Richmond, VA) This week we'll take a sharp departure from the life of John Adams, a well-known patriot who enjoyed success and fame after the American Revolution, and focus on a lesser-known signer named Carter Braxton whose story could hardly be more different.  The second son of George Braxton and his wife, Mary, the young child was surrounded by wealth and elite societal position from birth.  While his father had parlayed land grants into success as a planter, it was his maternal grandfather that had gained nearly-unparalleled wealth as a merchant.  Robert Carter, who had earned the nickname "King" from his fellow Virginians, was one of the richest residents and land owners in the American colonies.  But while Braxton was not lacking for money he was no stranger to loss.  His mother died immediately after he was born and his father only survived until he was 13 years old.  As an