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Our Story With God, Episode 48: Let Us Love

What sorts of things shape our lives?  We spend time with certain people, experience different events, and make decisions that can all alter the course of life.  For the Apostle John, a man who had a full life full of incredible moments, there was one defining characteristic above all others.  Jesus reached out to this man who could have spent his life in pain and anger, and instead formed a beautiful love that was obvious to everyone who encountered him. Our Story With God, Episode 48

Our Story With God, Episode 47: Faith & Action

Those who follow Christ should live up to the standard that He provided.  According to Scripture, however, the morality we display does not factor into our salvation.  Hebrews 6 speaks of turning away from "dead works" and inheriting God's promises through "faith and perseverance".  James reminds us that faith is shown by the works we do.  When we recognize all that God has done for us, we will be spurred into action.  It does us no good (to say nothing of the effect on those around us) to claim that we rely on Jesus until we are willing to leap into His arms in full dependence and live according to His guidance. Our Story With God, Episode 47

Our Story With God, Episode 46: In / Of

For early Christians, it seems the question of how to live out daily life was puzzling.  After 2,000 years we still haven't figured everything out.  How do we act in between salvation and eternity?  Should we associate with non-believers?  What is our response to those within the Church who handle themselves differently?  Several New Testament writers, including Peter, Paul, and James, addressed these sorts of questions.  It is important to look across the breadth of their letters to avoid building an incomplete view of what Christian life should be. Our Story With God, Episode 46

Our Story With God, Episode 45: What is Salvation?

The name of Jesus has long been impactful.  Peter was imprisoned for healing in His name, and the faithful apostle explained his actions by insisting that the name of Jesus was the only one that could give salvation.  But salvation from what?  Jesus didn't come to give power and strength in the forms that so many expected.  He went above and beyond the mediocre hopes of those who had simple, earthbound intentions for their Messiah.  What does the name of Jesus mean for us today? Our Story With God, Episode 45