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Our Story With God, Episode 9: God's Government

Moses led Israel for 40 years, from Egypt to the edge of the Promised Land, but he was not allowed to bring his people in to take over their new territory.  If this leader, through whom God had delivered Israel, wasn't going to be in charge, then who was?  And if his authority and leadership was challenged repeatedly, how would the people trust and follow a new leader?  This week we look at Joshua and the early judges that led a very unique form of government for the Hebrew nation.  God provided all of the benefits to these individuals, but a downward spiral began to take shape: when there was comfort and ease, God's chosen people were quick to forget His provision and ignore His commands. Our Story With God, Episode 9

Our Story With God, Episode 8: Exodus

God's plagues against Egypt had crushed the country that had oppressed His people.  The Passover became a solemn ceremony to symbolize God's protection of Israel, as the people of Egypt suffer death and loss.  Pharoah can no longer fight, and he orders Moses to take the people away.  Later he will try to go get them and his entire army will drown at the Red Sea. God took everything away from Egypt, but now He needs to take care of a nation of slaves.  The complain about everything - no water, no food, not the right kind of food, etc.  Moses takes them to the place it all began for him: Mount Sinai.  Now God, always continuing to reveal Himself, begins to instruct and mold Israel into His people. Our Story With God, Episode 8

Our Story With God, Episode 7: The Plagues

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who checks out the blog each week.  I saw that there have been over 500 views so far, which is pretty cool.  I hope you're getting some good stuff from it!  Let me know if you have any requests, either in the comments or via the contract form. This week, we start looking at the plagues that God unleashed on Egypt.  He needed to show the Hebrews that His faithfulness and strength were enough to depend upon.  He also judged the Egyptians and punished them accordingly.  Just as He had during creation and during the lifetimes of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) He works in steps to continually reveal Himself to His people. Our Story With God, Episode 7

Our Story With God, Episode 6: Path to Egypt (Part II)

After Joseph rose to power in Egypt and brought his family there to live, the clock started on the 400 years of oppression that God foretold.  The offspring of Israel had originally been honored by Pharaoh, but after several generations they were feared because of their increasing numbers.  The Egyptians enslaved them and made a law that Hebrew baby boys were to be killed.  In the midst of this terrible situation we are introduced to Moses, who will be a man without a people for most of his life.  God selects him to lead Abraham's descendants to the land He had promised them...but first, Moses has to face an ugly past. Our Story With God, Episode 6