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Founding Fathers - Lewis Morris

Lewis Morris Born: April 8, 1726 (Morrisania, New York) Died: January 22, 1798 (Morrisania, New York) Since we got to know Robert Morris last week, I thought it might be interesting to get to know another Morris this week, albeit an unrelated one.  Lewis Morris was born on the 2,000 acre estate known as Morrisania within what is currently known as the Bronx, the first son of Lewis Morris II and his wife, Katrinje.  His family was wealthy and owned a great deal of land throughout modern New York City, but were also involved in the politics of New Jersey.  The elder Lewis Morris had successfully petitioned the crown for separate rule of the two colonies, and when it was granted in 1738 Morris became the governor of New Jersey.  He was so popular that the city of Morristown was named in his honor.  Meanwhile, young Lewis was privately educated by tutors and after showing a bit of acumen as a student was enrolled at Yale in 1743 at the age of 16.  Four years later he graduated and returned

Founding Fathers - Robert Morris

Robert Morris Born: January 20, 1734 (near Liverpool, England) Died: May 8, 1806 (Forked River, New Jersey) Many of the men who were involved in the formation of the United States were great thinkers, known for their ideas about the way individuals should act and be governed.  The focus of this week's study, however, did not necessarily fit that description and was instead a pragmatic man who believed in pursuing the path that promised opportunity and personal benefit.  Robert Morris was born near Liverpool, England, to an iron merchant of the same name and his wife, Elizabeth.  While the elder Robert traveled to the New World in 1738 shortly after the death of his wife, their son was raised by the late Elizabeth's mother for a number of years.  At the age of 14, however, young Robert traveled to Maryland to join his father, who had become quite successful as an agent for a tobacco company.  After just one year of schooling the boy was apprenticed as a clerk for a shipping comp

Founding Fathers - John Hart

John Hart Born: Unknown - ca. 1713 (likely Stonington, Connecticut) Died: May 11, 1779 (Hopewell, New Jersey) This week we'll take a look at a simple man with a simple name and a simple profession who had an oversized impact on his community and nation's history.  The details of when and where John Hart were born have been lost over time, with various historians dating his birth as early as 1706.  His parents, Edward and Martha, moved into Connecticut in 1713 and had their son baptized on New Year's Eve, and this fact has led many to believe this was the actual year (but also prevents certainty regarding the correction location) of his birth.  Edward Hart had been a farmer, justice of the peace, and he raised John to follow in his footsteps.  As the young man grew into adulthood, he developed a reputation of possessing honestly and common sense, and with successful returns as a farmer he was able to acquire acreage and develop several mills.  John married his wife, Deborah,

Founding Fathers - Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman Born: April 19, 1721 (Newton, Massachusetts) Died: July 23, 1793 (New Haven, Connecticut) This week we will take a look at one of the most significant names found on the Declaration of Independence, and in doing so we'll learn about a man whose name made it onto nearly all of our young nation's most important founding documents.  Roger Sherman was born just outside of Boston, MA in 1721, the second son of a cobbler named William and his wife, Mehetabel.  While only two years old the family moved south to a town that was little more than a frontier post, and Roger grew up in a strict Puritan environment with few creature comforts as his father worked hard to succeed as a farmer.  The young boy had access to his father's library, however, and showed an understanding of numbers and a thirst for knowledge early in life that led him to trudge long distances for regular school classes at the nearest school that was built when he was 13 years old.  Shortly before Rog

Founding Fathers - John Morton

John Morton Born: 1725 (Ridley Township, Pennsylvania) Died: April 1, 1777 (Ridley Township, Pennsylvania) I always want to acknowledge whenever this website's views reach a milestone because it's important for me to express my appreciation to each one of you that take time to read what I put together.  For all of you who have helped me reach 80,000 views, thank you!  If you want to reach out with a comment or suggestion, please feel free to use the contact form along the left side of the page.  Considering that we're reaching the midpoint of the year and are now halfway through our list of names on the Declaration of Independence, you might even have a say in future topics we can all explore together.  And now, as we approach the day when America celebrates each of these individuals who etched their names into the history of our nation, let us focus on another one of the men who helped give birth to the United States with a momentous decision made on July 1. Many details o