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Our Story With God, Episode 44: Many Gifts, One Body

The importance of unity in the church should never be misconstrued to mean we are all the same.  Rather than believers all being "cookie cutter" copies of one another, God gives us unique personalities, interests, and (most importantly) spiritual gifts.  When God's Spirit filled early Christians, they began to realize that He enabled them to serve the church in unique ways.  Those same gifts fill each of us today, and it's vital to recognize not only what we've been given but also how we can use it in service to the Body of Christ. Our Story With God, Episode 44

Our Story With God, Episode 43: To Act Like A Church

Paul's first letter to the Corinthians is a message borne of conflict.  It may be comforting, if not necessarily encouraging, to know that many of the struggles that those earliest groups faced as they tried to collectively learn and worship are the same familiar issues we often see in our churches today.  If 2,000 years of Jewish history kept rehashing certain themes, it seems improbable that 2,000 years of church history could avoid repeating itself.  But Paul gives us tremendous instruction, encouragement, and direction as he reminds us that the answer isn't found in a rule book, but in the Person of Jesus Christ.  His example as the Head of the Church is what leads us onward. Our Story With God, Episode 43

Our Story With God, Episode 42: Ministry of Reconciliation

Why was Paul able to continue working and striving for the new churches he helped create?  What drove him to continue his efforts, even while in chains?  God had told Ananias, shortly after He had blinded Paul, that this former persecutor was chosen to reach "Gentiles, kings, and Israelites" (Acts 9:15).  Paul was never confused about his mission - his life was no longer his own, because now He had a higher calling. Our Story With God, Episode 42

Our Story With God, Episode 41: Problems of Pain

Is it all going to be ok?  How can we be sure?  Paul's second missionary journey was very fruitful, but continually fraught with danger and pain.  Was he sheltered from suffering because he was doing God's will?  Quite the opposite - sharing the good news of Christ brought Paul and his companions directly into harm's way.  Through it all, however, Paul discovered that once God is all he had, God was all he needed. Our Story With God, Episode 41

Our Story With God, Episode 40: Gospel Encouragement

Who picks you up during rough times?  Are you the one who lifts up someone else?  I've noticed that even the superheroes in movies typically have a sidekick, or someone who helps drive them forward.  As great a missionary as Paul was, he also needed someone special to help find uses for the talents God had given, to train him in the work ahead, and to know how to turn over the reins of leadership.  Barnabas exhibited so much grace and encouragement that it became his calling card to the early Church, and his impact remains to this day.  Our Story With God, Episode 40