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Our Story With God, Episode 26: Jesus as Ruler

Who are the greatest rulers you can think of?  What makes them stand out in your mind - great military victories, political accomplishments, civic advancements?  We've already looked at the measuring stick applied to rulers of Israel and Judah - obedience to God's commands.  All of those kingdoms eventually fell, but the prophets looked at the Messiah as One who would institute a kingdom with no end.  If Jesus was a king, what kind of ruler was He?  Many times He told His followers "the kingdom of heaven is like..." but did they ever really understand?  Some 2,000 years later, do we?  Our Story With God, Episode 26

Our Story With God, Episode 25: Jesus as Teacher

What makes a teacher effective or memorable?  Thinking back to many of my own instructors, there are a few who stuck out in my memory.  Some had a special way of helping me recall their material, some used different methods to engage students, and some just took the extra time to show they cared about us more than just conveying information.  Jesus was an amazing teacher - His methods and style were unmatched, and His understanding of both the material (God and His Word) and audience (listeners then and readers today) was perfect. Our Story With God, Episode 25

Our Story With God, Episode 24: Jesus as Lawgiver

Who makes the law?  How well do you know the laws where you live, let alone if you decided to travel?  Jesus made a point of establishing His authority in regards to how the Jewish people lived according to Mosaic Law, and turned their understanding on its ear.  With such bold pronouncements as "You have heard...but I say" He gained both admiration and hatred.  Obviously some things haven't changed in the last 2,000 years. Our Story With God, Episode 24

Our Story With God, Episode 23: Son of God

If Jesus kept calling Himself the "Son of Man", why should we think He was anything but a human?  Lots of people throughout the ages have tried to portray Christ as a good teacher, without any divine traits.  But if we look at the events of His life, along with the words He spoke, it's clear that He never intended to give us that option. Our Story With God, Episode 23