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Hi there, my name is Brian McClain.  I go by the nickname "Geographist", hence the name of this website.  My two favorite subjects in school were always history and geography, and as I've gotten older I realize how intertwined these two subjects really are.  One is the story, the other is the setting.  Throughout my career as a cartographer I've been able to use the "lay of the land" to improve my own understanding of situations, and have attempted to convey that knowledge to others.  This website was born of my desire to reach a broader audience with the topics that fascinate me, such as US history, Biblical study, and personal development.  My approach is very similar to my teaching style developed over years of merging technical software training and children's Sunday school - convey information in a conversational tone, respecting the intelligence of those I speak with whether they be a 5th grader or a Ph.D. geophysicist.  I hope to cover a broad scope of topics, and always welcome comments, conversation, and suggestions for what you'd like to see.  Thank you for visiting!


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