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Biblical Nations - Obscure People Groups

Now that we have completed our look at the early inhabitants of Canaan prior to its conquest by the children of Israel, I want to take one post to address some of the minor groups who are mentioned in Scripture.  Although we are given names of many tribes and nations, sometimes there simply isn't enough information or history to conclusively place or identify.  In fact, some of them may actually represent titles or designations that do not refer to genealogy or location at all, although I have attempted to remove some of the names that seem to fit that description. Ashurites - 2 Samuel 2:8-9 - After the death of Saul, his son Ish-bosheth engaged in a lengthy war of succession against David.  Despite the similar name, this group of people is probably not descended from Abraham's son, Asshurim, who was born to Keturah after the death of Sarah.  The Ashurites were listed, however, as one of the tribes under the rule of Ish-bosheth alongside the people of Israel. Elkoshites - Nahum

Biblical Nations - Canaanites

Canaanites Key Scripture: Genesis 12:5 Figures: Rahab, Bera, Jabin, the Syrophoenician woman This week we pick up our study of Biblical people groups with the last of the names given to the inhabitants of the Promised Land.  The name "Canaanites" is, and probably always was, something of a catch-all term for the rest of the various nations living throughout the region that were descended from Shem's son, Canaan.  Because the land that God promised Abram had already adopted the name of Canaan by the time he departed Ur, which took place approximately 420 years after the Great Flood, it is also likely that the children of Israel used that name to describe all the non-Hebrew inhabitants they encountered.  Among the people groups that the term may have included, in addition to the names we've already explored, are the Sidonians, Arkites, Arvadites, Sinites, Zemarites, and Hamathites.  These names represent groups that were either too small or remote to merit significant r

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a few technical issues this week on my computer while preparing the latest post, so I'm going to postpone it until next week.  In the meanwhile, I would like to wish all of the amazing moms out there a very happy Mother's Day.  May you all feel loved and appreciated, and not just one day of the year!  For those of you who are separated from your mom today or may have a mother whose time has passed, I hope you took time to smile about all she has meant to you and thank God for putting her in your life.  I'll be back next Sunday night with another Biblical nation (and if you've been following along, you can probably make a solid guess on who it will be).  Until then, have a terrific week!  The Geographist

Biblical Nations - Amorites

Amorites Key Scripture: Genesis 48:21-22 Figures: Mamre, Og, Sihon This week we'll delve into the history of the Amorite people, who are more recognized by historians and archaeologists than several of their neighbors across the Canaanite region.  In fact, they were well known by many nearby contemporary kingdoms, and almost universally disliked.  As nomadic tent-dwelling people, the Amorites affected or even controlled the political situations in some of the greatest ancient civilizations, and were documented in various writings that have survived from several more.  That said, however, the term "Amorite" may have had different meanings and connotations to writers - those speaking the Semitic language of the same name, those worshipping the deity known as "Amurru", or those either originating from or settling within a geographic area bearing that god's name.  With such a notable level of potential uncertainty, however, we'll try to investigate what is b