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Happy New Year 2020

The year 2020 is upon us!  It's time to go a new direction with the blog, and here it is.  I hope each one of you has a tremendous year, and that you enjoy and benefit from this new study.  Bring on the new year! Geographist - Happy New Year!

Our Story With God, Episode 52: God's Story With Us

The story has been written, but it is not finished.  We are now a part of the narrative.  Each one of us must decide how we will participate and carry forward.  God began alone, He alone created everything, and He was the only One who could mend our broken relationship.  Jesus, the focus of the entire Bible, now reigns as King of kings and longs to be reconciled to each individual.  He seeks us out as personally as God did to Noah, Abram, Moses, and Samuel.  He is as close to us as He was to Peter, James, and John.  All that remains is our willingness to follow His lead forever. Our Story With God, Episode 52

Our Story With God, Episode 51: Yesterday, Today, Forever

Revelation.  The end has come for all that we know.  And yet, God is once again creating something new. Of all the books in Scripture, this final work has been subjected to the most scrutiny and abuse.  Perhaps more than any other writing, this culmination of all that God has told us is a reminder that we can only fully understand His message with the help of His Spirit.  It is beautiful and mysterious, and certainly worth the effort to study.  How does the King wrap up Our Story With God? Our Story With God, Episode 51

Our Story With God, Episode 50: So What Happens Next?

The mystery and uncertainty of what may be is both exciting and unsettling.  The future may be unknown to us, but never to God.  While it's not always appropriate to try and predict future events from the promises and warnings in Scripture, we are certainly given advance notice of what to expect.  Several of the individuals who knew Jesus best during His ministry gave us very helpful and comforting words so that we wouldn't be caught unprepared.  What does the One who created time tell us about what comes next? Our Story With God, Episode 50

Our Story With God, Episode 49: Roots and Shoots

On several occasions throughout Scripture, God speaks of His people as plants.  In prophecy and parables He speaks of the care required to nourish and grow us.  It makes sense that the word pictures that God used were of agriculture, considering His audience.  Paul describes God's chosen people as an olive tree - one that He has been actively tending to in order to grow the proper fruits.  Throughout the Old Testament, the root structure has been prepared, and now it is up to the shoots to do their work.  Our Story With God, Episode 49