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Our Story With God, Episode 35: The Work Of The Holy Spirit

The amazing occurrence of Pentecost wasn't just a one-time event, because the Holy Spirit didn't stop there.  But what do we know about the third member of the Trinity?  How do we better understand such an non-human, supernatural three-in-one person?  And how did the Holy Spirit continue to guide the new church?  The actions of these early believers tells us much about how we can live and grow in modern times. Our Story With God, Episode 35

Our Story With God, Episode 34: Pentecost

As the main character of the story exits the stage, leadership of the fledgling church is left to the ragtag group of disciples.  But Jesus has given them a mission - they are now apostles.  They can't stay in place, and they can't stay silent.  To help them, and not only them but every follower of Christ, God sends His Holy Spirit to guide and empower.  The transformation in the apostles is immediate and obvious, and the results are incredible as thousands believe the message they hear.  Pentecost, a feast of celebration for the harvest, becomes a literal harvest of souls. Our Story With God, Episode 34

Our Story With God, Episode 33: "Before I Go"

Jesus walked the earth for 40 days following Easter morning's miraculous resurrection, and how do you think He spent that time?  Amazingly, in much the same way He lived His life: giving a personal touch of love to those who needed the greatest encouragement.  Jesus gave a mission to those who had lost their hope.  He gave joy to those who wept.  He gave redemption to those whose guilt was overwhelming.  And at last, He went home to be glorified and now continues His role at His Father's right hand. Our Story With God, Episode 33

Our Story With God, Episode 32: Jesus and the Prophets

Can you imagine listening to a conversation during which Jesus Christ explain how all of Scripture points to Himself?  That's exactly the opportunity that a pair of His followers had within a few hours of the Resurrection.  Amazingly, however, they didn't recognize that it was Him!  So many of Jesus' followers loved and respected Him, but didn't necessarily understand how His kingdom would be brought about or why He had to die.  But in a beautiful display of individualized attention and care, Jesus reached out to these two individuals to teach them and draw them back into belief and fellowship. Our Story With God, Episode 32