Our Story With God, Episode 8: Exodus

God's plagues against Egypt had crushed the country that had oppressed His people.  The Passover became a solemn ceremony to symbolize God's protection of Israel, as the people of Egypt suffer death and loss.  Pharoah can no longer fight, and he orders Moses to take the people away.  Later he will try to go get them and his entire army will drown at the Red Sea.

God took everything away from Egypt, but now He needs to take care of a nation of slaves.  The complain about everything - no water, no food, not the right kind of food, etc.  Moses takes them to the place it all began for him: Mount Sinai.  Now God, always continuing to reveal Himself, begins to instruct and mold Israel into His people.

Our Story With God, Episode 8


  1. Love that idea about a duplicate copy of the covenant kept in one place!


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