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We've come to the end of our study of the amazing individuals who made America's independence from British possible, and I hope many of you enjoyed it.  Whether you were introduced to a new person along the way or just found out an interesting fact about someone you've known since your first elementary school history class, my goal was to shed some light on a courageous collection of patriots who sacrificed a great deal on our behalf.  There's a mural in the town where my wife works that honors those who serve in America's armed forces with a message that I believe can be applied to the 56 incredible names we find on the Declaration of Independence: "We may not know them all, but we owe them all."

And now it's time to embark on something new.  As I've said before, this blog covers various topics that interest me and most of the time there's very little in the way of advanced planning.  Hopefully the subject matter at any given moment catches the attention of others, but my intent is primarily to learn as I go and then share what I find.  Several months ago, as the number of Founding Fathers began to dwindle, I began to consider what the next subject could be.  After considering a few options, I think I've found an idea that has legs.  At very least it will interest me and help fill in some knowledge gaps I've found over the years. 

As many of my friends know, I make it a point to read through the entire Bible each year.  I've used multiple translations over the course of time, and have tried going through the individual books various different ways such as chronologically, canonical, and even alphabetically.  You may have also noticed that I understand history best when I can grasp something of the geography behind the story - hence the name of this website.  If you've read any of the historical accounts in Scripture you may have encountered references to nations or people groups without knowing much of anything about them.  So for the coming weeks and months I'm going to dig into what historians have discovered about various Biblical cultures.  I'll answer those famous 5 W questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why?  Some groups may still exist, such as the Egyptians, while others have been lost to time.  Some are familiar, such as the mighty Assyrian empire, while others are scarcely remembered or known.  My goal is to unwrap a bit of the mystery surrounding the people groups in the Bible to understand more of the story as it's being told.  I hope you'll join me! 

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