Galveston County - Conclusion and a New Beginning

And so we've come to the end of our tour through Galveston County.  I hope you've enjoyed the journey and learned something new, and maybe even found a reason to get out and discover some of these communities for yourself.  Each town has such an interesting history and if you take the time to strike up some conversations, more often than not you'll love meeting the people that you encounter.  I've learned a lot over these months, and I'd love seeing your comments about what you'll remember most.  What was your favorite place, and did a particular event or person stand out to you?  

As I look forward to the next phase of the Geographist blog, I've been trying to find a new topic to study and share.  So for the next several months it will be my goal to continue studying the past, but this time we'll dive into some military history.  Each culture has had memorable conflicts - battles that have changed the very course of civilization.  Many times the outcome has hinged on a particular geographic feature.  I intend to delve into several battles that have defined our history to see how the lay of the land played a pivotal role in the victory, and ponder how things may have changed had the roles been reversed.  I hope you'll all be interested in coming along for the ride!


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