Geographist Plans!

Big news!  Thanks to each one of you readers, this blog has reached more than 20,000 views!  Thank you so much, it's amazing and humbling to think of that many sets of eyes browsing the various topics we've been through over the life of the site. 

Now for what's next!  I'll be wrapping up my overview of Boston soon, and have given some thought to what would be both fun and useful going forward.  The first topic on was "Our Story With God", which was the starting point of a book of the same name I published last year (available on platforms such as AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Google).  That effort, while hopefully useful and interesting to a broad audience, was focused primarily on the 5th grade level that my wife and I teach at our church.  I would like to return to those roots in my next project by taking several decades' worth of studying success principles and working to apply it towards younger minds.  As with "Our Story", however, foundational truths that we teach our young people are obviously still beneficial to each of us, whether we are learning them for the first time or simply reviewing them. 

Once again, thank you to everyone who takes the time to click on this site from time to time, and keep an eye out for what is coming! 


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