Farewell, Boston!

I hope each of you have enjoyed our journey through Boston and have gotten something fun or useful out of it, despite the fact that it was so often interrupted along the way.  I've certainly learned a lot about this city, the Cradle of Liberty, over the past several months and have several new places that will definitely be included in a future vacation itinerary.  It seems like it is finally time, however, to officially close out this historical chapter and look forward to the next phase.  So farewell, Boston, it was great getting to know you better and I hope to visit you again sometime in the near future!

As I pointed out earlier, I will be writing a series of topics about the basics of successful living.  To be clear, this is not because I consider myself to be an expert on the topic or even because I think I've arrived at any peak that allows me to pause and appreciate the fruits of my efforts.  Instead, it's because there seems to be a distinct lack of focus on the things that really matter in life.  This isn't meant to be a commentary on society as a whole, but my goal is to at least be one more voice in the world that is pointing folks (especially the younger audience that includes my own children and the kids that my wife and I teach every week) into a better direction.

During the Biblical overview that originally launched this blog, it was important to me that my thoughts should not be seen as the Gospel itself, but that it would point my readers to seek out their own reading of God's Word.  Similarly, over the coming months, I will encourage readers to find books or other sources of knowledge that will enhance their understanding and pursuit of success.  When I recommend a book that I have read, please know that I gain nothing from any endorsements and it may even be that some of the content in the book will not reflect my own opinions or beliefs.  It is important, however, to occasionally challenge a particular thought process in order to refine ourselves, and it is my hope that some of the content in each book will help you the way it has helped me.  So let's pack our bags together and get ready for a new journey!


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