Vacation 2021 - Day 7

Our first day in Yellowstone!  We entered the west side, then drove across to the west side and into Cody, WY.  There were plenty of amazing things to see, from scenery to animals to geologic features.  Let's see what stuck in the minds of the girls. 

Curly's Day 7

We woke up and did laundry in a laundromat, fun right? We had gas station food. Then we went to Yellowstone and saw the geysers. We also got souvenirs - I got a bracelet. We went to Old Faithful, but it was going to blast in an hour so we left. We went to a town called Cody and picked up a rental car. 

Girly's Day 7:

This day we woke up in Idaho, and the day was already busy. We had to do laundry, so to the laundromat we went. We then went to a nearby gas station, and had some pop tarts, powdered donuts, etc. After that, we were on our way to Yellowstone. We were on the hunt for two main things: buffalo and Old Faithful. We found Old Faithful, but sadly it started raining and we weren't able to see it blow. While leaving, we finally found one buffalo. That was good enough for us. We quickly pulled off to the side of the road, and took a quick picture. After the picture, we headed to our new RV park, which was in Wapiti (just outside of Cody, Wyoming). We settled for the night and had ended yet another long day. 

Whirly Day 7 -

We went to a gas station to eat then we went to Yellowstone National Park and saw some geysers and yeah that was day seven.


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