Vacation 2021 - Day 6

Our sixth day was another long travel day.  We started out in Utah and journeyed through part of Wyoming before stopping in Idaho for the night, near the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  Here are the highlights, as remembered by the girls! 

Girly's Day 6:

This day was a day full of driving. We started in Utah, and ended the day in Idaho. I had never been to Utah, Wyoming, or Idaho, so this was a new thing for me. For dinner, we stopped at this little restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was cute and it had delicious food. While waiting to get into the restaurant, we walked around and stumbled across a mock gun fight. After eating, we went through the Grand Tetons in the dark, and ended the night in Idaho. 

Whirly Day 6 -

We went to a restaurant that had a long wait.  So we went to a store and I bought  popcorn.  One of my sisters bought bracelet and then we ate so yeah that was day 6.

Curly Day 6

We went to Utah and we found Jackson Hole. We walked around until we found a restaurant, but it was a long wait. While we waited we stumbled upon a few people doing a pretend gun fight - it was entertaining.  Then we got lunch so I had a caeser salad it was good. We drove into the Grand Tetons we got back to the RV park late at night. So yeah that was day six.


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