Vacation 2021 - Day 5

Today we found ourselves in a state that none of us had visited before - Utah.  We started in Moab and wound up in Mount Pleasant (south of Provo).  Plenty of sites to see, and several miles to walk.  Here's the recap! 

Curly's Day 5

So, we woke up really early so we could go see arches in Utah.  We walked about three miles and we found some arches with, oddly enough, Wi-Fi. We even saw someone's water bottle roll of a cliff , but it wasn't deep. Later we saw someone else getting it out.  We took a picture under an arch.  Later we found a restaurant with scones and I hadn't tried one until then. So yeah that was day five.

Whirly's Day 5:

We went to a nice restaurant and saw arches.  Someone's water bottle rolled off the edge. and someone did a handstand under a arch.  And the girls boyfriend got her water bottle back and we all clapped when he got back up.  We took a picture under the arch. So that was day five.


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