Vacation 2021 - Day 4

Back on the road!  Today we crossed a pair of state lines on our way from Albuquerque, NM to Moab, UT (with a pit stop in Durango, CO).  Here's the review! 

Whirly's Day 4 -

We went down to a river and one of my sisters flew into a tree and my other sister spilled her coffee on my sister who flew into the tree.  I only slid on my butt.  My dad and my dog where first and it was my dad's fault that we all got hurt and spilled on.

Girly's Day 4:

This day was when we drove to Colorado. We went through a little town, and enjoyed coffee from a small, local coffee shop. While going back to the RV, we headed to the river. But as Curly was climbing down the hill, she flew into a tree and got stuck. When I was going down, I lost balance, and started to run down the hill. I ran straight into Curly, spilling my coffee on both her and I, and almost pushed both of us into the water. It was a hectic day, to say the least. 

Curly's Day 4

Well, we were in Colorado and we found a small town. We drove around and saw a coffee shop. We got some coffee and on our way back to the RV we saw a river. My dad thought it was a good idea. He went first and made it down okay. Then I went and I ran down and flew into a tree. It hurt a lot. Then Whirly went down and was fine. Then Girly went down and ran. When she got down she lost her balance and fell on me, spilling her coffee on me. So yeah that was day four.


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