Vacation 2021 - Day 1

For our family RV trip, I thought it might be fun to let the rest of the family have their say.  All or some of them will share what they thought about each day's adventure.  So here goes - enjoy! 

Our first day was from our home to Amarillo, TX.

Curly's Day 1

First day in the RV we mostly drove around  to get to our RV park it was cool, but the out side not so it was very hot and we couldn't use the air conditioning all the time and that is really all so yeah that was day one.

Girly's Day 1:

I was woken up at about 6:30, early Saturday morning. We quickly as we could, packed up the RV and began our trip. The beginning started off with some troubles, however. Not even a full minutes into the trip, we took a sharp turn, and a glass bottle of mayhaw jelly flew out of a top cabinet and almost landed strait on my head. It was a long day, but we slowly but surely made it to Amarillo, which is where we parked our RV and stayed the night. 

Whirly's Day 1 -

When I was up I was really tired but soon I was not tired anymore so I went on the RV and I played trash with my sister and she won and then I went in the front then I played trash with Mommy.


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