Boston: The Freedom Trail

When my wife and I first visited the city of Boston many years ago, we quickly found ourselves on the iconic path that draws millions of tourists each year - the Freedom Trail.  This famous walking tour of Boston, traced by a red path through the city, is among the most important historical markers in the United States and teaches the story of the Revolution by passing 16 important locations.  As each point along the trail is important, I thought it would be nice to wind our way through town one at a time over the upcoming weeks.

Today, guides and actors working with the Freedom Trail Foundation help entertain and instruct visitors.  The National Park Service has also designated eight local sites (seven of which are also along the Freedom Trail) collectively as the Boston National Historical Park, and they offer information and assistance of their own.

Our own walking tour through the city brought us face-to-face with many of the actual locations where American history was made, and I can honestly say that it was that very day when my fascination with this town began.  I highly recommend the journey if you're ever close to town (although I can also warn against braving the weather during the winter if you're from the south or otherwise unaccustomed to frigid wind chills), and would encourage you to take your time visiting as many of the sites as possible.  The juxtaposition is incredible - old buildings standing among modern skyscrapers, cemeteries that memorialize those who have passed on next to a vibrant community full of life, and the calm serenity of a park nestled within a bustling urban environment.  Eventually my goal will be to provide a glimpse of what this amazing location looked like before it became the major city it has become, but remember that nothing beats seeing the real thing in real life.  Next week we'll start walking down the trail - stay tuned as we start our journey at Boston Common!

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