Our Story With God, Episode 17: When God Is Quiet

We've made it to the end of the Old Testament with the words of Malachi urging God's people to honor Him in their daily lives and worship.  And then there is silence.  For 400 years, there is no prophecy and the are no visions.  Life goes on, the Temple is busy, and Jerusalem falls under the control of various kingdoms.  Interestingly, many prophecies are fulfilled during this time (reference Daniel 2 and 7).  But the children of Israel may be left wondering if their faith has anything to compare with the wisdom of the Greeks or the might of the Romans.

As we're about to see, however, all of history has been setting the stage for this moment.  The God who exists outside of time is nevertheless very interested in timing.  And now is when the main character is preparing to be revealed.

Our Story With God, Episode 17


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