Our Story With God, Episode 4: The Call of Abram

Once the flood waters receded, mankind once again began to populate the world.  At first, a group of them decided to settle together in the plain of Shinar (what we'd call Mesopotamia) and build a tower - Babel.  God prevented them from finishing, but enough people stayed in this region to build several large cities.  Among these was Ur.  For some reason, God called one man from this place - Abram.  An older man with a substantial amount of herds, servants, and other material goods, the one thing he lacked was a child.  Without the benefit of a Bible or other knowledge of God, he nevertheless did what he was told and believed God in everything He said.  Abram had good moments (building altars, following instruction) and bad (lying about his wife, having a child with a servant) but God chose this man to establish a covenant - he made promises as the stronger party, asking nothing in return from the vassal.  Through God's faithfulness to Abram, the whole world would be changed.

Our Story With God: Episode 4


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